The World Wetlands Day Celebration in UoT

In term of support of wetlands, which are important, sensitive habitats and providing services to all organisms, particularly human beings, we celebrated the World Wetlands Day on 7th February 2018, which supposed to be on February 2 of each year. The event was held at the Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, University of Tripoli, in cooperation between the Department of Zoology, Libyan Wildlife Trust and the Libyan Society for Bird. A speech was given to introduce the event, then a lecture on wetlands by Mr. Almokhtar Mousa Amer.

On the sidelines of the ceremony we honored an environmental personality who contributed to the field of protection of birds, Libyan heritage and a former head of the Libyan Society for birds, the Eng. Wajeeh Basha Imam (passed away in 2015). We had the honor that his family (brothers and daughters) attended this event. During the ceremony, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Libyan Wildlife Trust and the Libyan Society for Bird to establish an observatory of birds in the name of Wajeeh Basha Imam, in recognition of what he gave during his lifetime for birds. I would like to thank all of our guests from the EGA, Faculties of the University, Botany and Zoology departments, the NGO's and Wajeeh's family. Special thanks to the students of Zoology Department who participated in organizing this celebration as well as the activity committee in the Department.

Copy from the source: Libyan Society For Birds الجمعية الليبية للطيور